The connecting thread across the life cycle: Understanding attachment with Ruth Schmidt Neven WPF Therapy Limited


October 6, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Qualified Practitioners: £125 Counselling/Psychotherapy Trainee: £90 WPF Therapy Trainees/Staff: £50   Tickets
  1. Are you working with clients who are struggling with relationships?

  2. How do we understand the impact of childhood relationships on adult relationships?

  3. Why is empathy important in relating?

  4. How can we help our clients understand the impact of separation, loss and trauma on attachment and development in later childhood and adult life?

  5. What is the research evidence for attachment?

At the end of the workshop you will:

  1. Understand the conceptual framework of attachment within a psychodynamic framework that emphasises the interdependence of systems concerning development, relationships and meaning making
  2. Gain knowledge of key attachment research i.e. the Strange Situation Test and the Adult Attachment Interview
  3. Understand the role of attachment in brain development with specific reference to promoting regulatory behaviour in the infant and young child
  4. Understand the impact of separation loss and trauma on attachment.

There will be a tutor presentation and video to illustrate the dynamic everyday process of attachment for infants and their parents. The presentation will include case examples to illustrate the conceptual framework of attachment. There will be time for discussion with the participants as the workshop proceeds over the course of the day. Participants will be encouraged to bring case examples from their own work settings.

Target Audience
Psychologists, social workers, child and adult psychotherapists, doctors, paediatricians, teachers, early childhood workers and professionals concerned with the mental health of children and adolescents.

Workshop Leader
Dr. Ruth Schmidt Neven is a child psychotherapist and clinical psychologist who trained at the Tavistock Clinic in London. She worked for many years in child and family mental health in the NHS in the UK before coming to Australia to take up the inaugural position of Chief Psychotherapist at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Ruth is now founder director of the Centre for Child and Family Development in Melbourne and is engaged in clinical work as well as extensive professional training throughout Australia and overseas.  In the UK she has run training workshops for NScience and for the University of Cambridge Child Wellbeing Forum. Ruth is the author of five books and clinical papers. Her most recent publication from Routledge is ‘Time-limited psychodynamic psychotherapy with children and adolescents: An interactive approach’. Her previous publications include ‘Core principles of assessment and therapeutic communication with children, parents and families’ also published by Routledge and ‘Rethinking ADHD: An illness of our time’ published by Allen&Unwin. She is also the author of a book for parents ‘Growing Kids: Nurturing relationships from tots to teens’ published by Full Circle Publications.

Applications must be received by Thursday, 27th September 2018. Booking will be final after receipt of payment.

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