PCS 3rd Annual Mental Health Forum (in Prague)


April 28, 2018 – April 29, 2018 all-day
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Theme: Rolling out Research for Better Life. This is the latest conference news from PCS 3rd Annual Mental Health Forum (MHF-2018) which is taking place on 28-29 April, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The updated scientific programme now is available online. Few speech opportunities left as last chance for your application.


Scientific Program of MHF-2018


Keynote and Plenary Forum

Track 1: Basic Research for Mental Health

Session 1-1: Biological Evidence in Mental Illness

Session 1-2: Pathogenesis and Mental Illness

Session 1-3: Psychology and Behaviour

Session 1-4: Other Hop Topics in Basic Research


Track 2: Clinic Management

Session 2-1: Healing with Mental Disorders

Session 2-2: Surgery Intervention

Session 2-3: Indigenous Healing

Session 2-4: Other Therapeutic Strategies


Track 3: Research with Subgroups

Session 3-1: Child and Youth Mental Health

Session 3-2: Women’s Mental Care

Session 3-3: Mental Health in Elder

Session 3-4: Migrates

Session 3-5: Other Vulnerable Groups


Track 4: Plenary Forum-Regional, National and International Challenge

Session 4-1: Mental Healthcare in Low-Income Countries and Developing Countries

Session 4-2: Mental Healthcare in Developed Countries

Session 4-3: Suicide and Survival

Session 4-4: Stigma, Education and Prevention


Track 5: 2018 AnnualTopic for Discussion-PCS Dementia Symposium

Session 5-1: Early Detection and Diagnosis

Session 5-2: Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences

Session 5-3: Clinical Management

Session 5-4: Research Innovation and Novel Strategies